Senior Oracle Developer

Over 18 years of commercial experience.

Commercial Experience

Financial Institutions (11 years).

Public Sector (3 years).

Energy Sector (5 years).

Oracle Backend Development

15+ years of backend coding within the Oracle database from version 7 through to 12c. As an avid fan of Steven Feuerstein's teachings and a long-time follower of the great Tom Kyte, I try to implement best practices and advanced techniques in all the work I do!

Oracle APEX (Application Express) Devloper

Started using APEX in its infancy back in 2006 when it was called HTMLDB! I am a real advocate of this Rapid Application Development tool as it allows me to produce highly functional and visually rich applications in a fraction of the time other UI's that interact with Oracle databases can.

Microsoft Technologies too!

Although developing with Oracle databases is my main passion, I have spent time working with Microsoft technoloiges too. I have used SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) commercially which, of course, works predominantly with SQL Server databases. I also started my career in IT as a Visual Basic developer and have continued to use it intermittently since then. This has included Visual Basic for Applications and the next evolution of the language in the .Net framework.